Darren Hill - Bio

Darren Hill was born in Saskatoon in 1968 and raised in Sonningdale, Saskatchewan, Darren attended the University of Saskatchewan and has lived in Saskatoon for 30 years. Darren is a long-time resident of Ward 1. He has lived in Sutherland, Mayfair, North Park and City Park, where he currently resides with his family.

Darren has played an active role on his local Community Association and community initiatives, including his family’s involvement in the Community Garden.

Darren is honoured to hold the position as Chief Executive Officer and President of Junior Achievement of Saskatchewan (JA), where he helps facilitate the encouragement of young minds to pursue interests in the areas of entrepreneurship and business and develop life and leadership skills.

Previous to his appointment at JA, Darren had over 20 years of experience as an entrepreneur, marketing manager and advertising executive in the tourism and communications sectors. As an executive, Darren was responsible for local, national and international marketing campaigns, media buying, corporate communications and public relations.

As an entrepreneur Darren was instrumental in establishing an expediting service to tourist destinations in northern Saskatchewan. Over 20 years Darren developed a supply and shipping network, expanded the clientele base and managed operations. The company continues to be successful, employing full time staff during the fishing season.

Darren’s mandate is to have a responsive council - one committed to advancing Saskatoon as a leader in environmental initiatives, social programming, economic development, cultural relations, and responsible and safe policing.

“I have seen firsthand the power of individuals to affect positive change and I ask for your support to continue to create a community where all its members have a voice.”

City of Saskatoon Committees:

  • Chair, Standing Policy Committee on Planning Development & Community Services
  • Standing Policy Committee on Transportation
  • Budget Committee
  • Governance and Priorities Committee
  • Saskatoon's Board of Police Commissioners
  • Saskatoon Police Pension Plan Board of Trustees

Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) National Board of Directors:

  • Vice Chair, Standing Committee on Increasing Women's Participation in Municipal Governance
  • Standing Committee on International Relations
  • Standing Committee on Community Safety and Crime Prevention
  • Standing Committee on Environmental Issues and Sustainable Development
  • Standing Committee on Conference Planning
  • Prairies and Territories Caucus
  • National Task Force on Syrian Refugee Resettlement
  • Federation Canadian Municipalities / Correctional Service Canada / Parole Board Canada / Public Safety Canada Joint Committee on Community Corrections

Saskatchewan Urban Municipalities Association (SUMA) Board of Directors:

  • Standing Committee on Community and Economic Development
  • Standing Committee on Advocacy Initiatives Committee
  • Standing Committee on Resolutions
  • Standing Committee on Convention Planning

Outside Boards:

  • JA (Junior Achievement) Saskatchewan Board of Directors
  • SaskTel Centre Board of Directors
  • 33rd Street Business Improvement District Board of Directors

Other Board & Committee Experience:

  • SREDA (Saskatoon Regional Economic Development Authority) Board of Directors
  • Affinity Credit Union - District Council
  • Aboriginal Financial Officers Association (AFOA) Board of Directors
  • Meewasin Valley Authority Board of Directors
  • Canadian Youth Business Foundation Review Committee
  • Downtown Partnership Board of Directors
  • Sutherland Business Improvement District Board of Directors