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My commitment to our community remains strong. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to help build better lives in Ward 1 and in all of Saskatoon.

I know that with your direct input combined with my experience on Council, we can continue to set and accomplish goals that benefit our ward and our city. I will use my knowledge and experience to help Saskatoon navigate this pandemic safely while ensuring we are doing everything possible to keep society and the economy functioning.

I appreciate your support and continue working to create a community where everyone has a roof over their head, food on the table, and a voice that is heard.

Together, we will make it through.

"You are an excellent Councillor and you are truly at your best when representing Saskatoon at the Provincial and National level … You are an exceptional representative for this City. ”

– Tiffany Paulsen, former City Councillor  

“I had the distinct pleasure of working with Darren during my 9 years as City Councillor for Ward 3.  I have seen firsthand that Darren works tirelessly for the citizens of Saskatoon.  Not only is he a strong advocate for Ward 1 residents, he has also been instrumental in working with higher levels of government through his advocacy work at the provincial and national level to bring additional funding to Saskatoon.  While we did not always agree, I never doubted the effort Darren put in to making the best decision for his residents.  I have been proud to call him a colleague, and I am even more proud to call him my friend.”
- Ann Iwanchuk, outgoing City Councillor for Ward 3 (2011-2020)

“Darren always puts the citizens of Saskatoon first and has never let party politics enter Council chambers. As a former MP, I am familiar with the national work he has done on your behalf and that our Government was able to support in many ways, one of which was the indexing of the Gas Tax transfer to Saskatoon.”

– Honourable Carol Skelton, Former Conservative Member of Parliament  

“Thank you for the info and the quick response but I’m not surprised by the usual quick action, however, it’s a Friday night and you’re working! You really are a credit to the job. ”

– Cec Cote, Saskatoon Resident   

"We appreciate your willingness to stand for what is right. Please run for Saskatoon Mayor. Mr Hill, you are who would really tackle our tough issues on fairness for all."  - D&C, Saskatoon residents

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