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I was born in Saskatoon and raised in Sonningdale, Saskatchewan. I attended the University of Saskatchewan and have lived in Ward 1 for 34 years. 

I have played an active role on the local community association and community initiatives, including our family’s involvement in the Community Garden.

I have over 30 years of experience locally and internationally as an entrepreneur, marketing manager and advertising executive in the tourism and communications sectors. As an executive, I was responsible for local, national and international marketing campaigns, media buying, corporate communications, and public relations activities.

In the role of president and CEO of Junior Achievement Saskatchewan, I was honoured to have lead a team for 13 years that educated over 20,000 Saskatchewan youth annually, in entrepreneurship and financial literacy, as well as develop life and leadership skills. Through this work, I was asked to be a member of the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada's National Steering Committee on Financial Literacy and a member of the Financial Literacy Working Group for Indigenous Peoples.

As an entrepreneur I established an expediting service to tourist destinations in northern Saskatchewan. For 24 years I have developed a supply and shipping network, expanded the clientele base and managed operations. The company continues to be successful, employing full-time staff during the fishing season.


As the Council Lead for Economic Development and a board member of Saskatoon and Region Economic Development Authority (SREDA), I have worked with business organizations, the Indigenous community, and many other stakeholders on strategic opportunities.


Saskatoon has been the driver of job growth for the entire province and I am determined to keep that momentum.


I am your representative at both the provincial and national levels.  This work is incredibly important to Saskatoon.  It is important to build relationships with all parties and all orders of government to ensure that Saskatoon remains top of mind when programs are developed and funding/transfers allocated.

In the past term Saskatoon received unparalleled support of over $308 million from the federal government and $445 million from the provincial government. 


My work on the National Western Economics Solutions Task Force (WEST) has a direct impact on Saskatoon.  We’re focused on four key areas:

  • Getting resources and products to market

  • Energy development, climate policy and regulation

  • Supporting communities to diversify economies

  • Municipal infrastructure and fiscal sustainability


I ask for your support to continue my work to ensure Saskatoon is recognized for the great things accomplished here and supported fairly by other orders of government.



In addition to our local neighbourhood needs, this is where I am currently working for you:

Strategic Priority:  Economic Development 

City of Saskatoon Boards and Committees
•    Standing Policy Committee on Planning Development & Community 

     Services, Chair
•    Standing Policy Committee on Environment, Utilities & Corporate                 Services
•    Governance and Priorities Committee


External Boards
•    Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) National Board of                   Directors, Second Vice-President
•    Western Economic Solutions National Task Force (WEST)
•    FCM Executive Committee
•    FCM Members Relations Committee, Chair
•    FCM Standing Committee on Community Safety and Crime                         Prevention
•    FCM Standing Committee on Conference Planning, Chair
•    FCM Standing Committee on Increasing Women's Participation in               Municipal Governance
•    FCM Standing Committee on Environmental Issues and                               Sustainable Development
•    FCM Standing Committee on International Relations
•    FCM Municipal Finance & Intergovernmental Arrangements
•    FCM Municipal Infrastructure & Transportation Policy
•    FCM Northern & Remote Forum
•    FCM Rural Forum
•    FCM Social Economic Development
•    Federation Canadian Municipalities / Correctional Service Canada /             Parole Board Canada / Public Safety 

  • Canada Joint Committee on Community Corrections

•    Municipalities of Saskatchewan Board of Directors
•    Municipalities of Saskatchewan Intergovernmental Affairs                             Committee
•    Saskatoon Regional Economic Development Authority (SREDA)


Pension Plans 
•     Saskatoon Police Pension Plan Board of Trustees

      (New & Old)

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