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The Path Ahead

“The pandemic is not over and there is still much unknown ahead of us.  City Council needs to do everything in our power to keep the community safe and the economy functioning.”   - Darren

I am passionate about my work as your city councillor. I want to help build a sustainable future for our city and build better lives for every resident of Saskatoon.


My mandate has always been to have a responsive council - one committed to advancing Saskatoon as a leader in environmental initiatives, social programming, economic development, cultural relations, and responsible and safe policing. That being said, COVID-19 has shown us that it can bring a community and an entire economy to a grinding halt.  We need to take steps to ensure we don’t require a second lockdown which is not only devastating to the economy, but also to our mental wellbeing.  This makes community safety and financial management top priorities in the coming term.


Now, more than ever, your city councillor must have the experience to make the quick decisions and tough decisions - decisions that will impact the entire community's health and wellbeing, decisions that impact your family and your homes, decisions that impact your businesses or where you do business. 


Council should revisit all decisions made pre-COVID. We must look critically at all projects and ensure that what was approved before COVID hit is what the community will still require post pandemic.

City Council must have the ability to focus on the immediate needs of safety and wellbeing, while still looking towards the future and understanding how every decision made and every action taken will impact today and the tomorrows to follow.

The coming term will also continue to include significant and new challenges that we have never faced before. I will continue to use my knowledge and experience to help Saskatoon navigate this pandemic safely while ensuring we are doing everything possible to keep society and the economy functioning. 

Together, we will make it through.

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